Hey Pikmin


Product Overview

Tap to Toss, Lift, and Fight!

Explore a strange, new world in this side-scrolling scavenger hunt!

Pikmin are tiny, curious, plant-like creatures. They come in different colors and types, but they all seem eager to help Captain Olimar.
At any rate, they respond to Olimar’s whistle, and don’t mind a bit if you throw them at wildlife or treasure!

Pikmin Park is now open!

As you gain more Pikmin pals on your expeditions, they’ll need a place to stay. Send them to the Pikmin Park to have fun and search for Sparklium and treasure. It’s a win-win!


Captain Olimar needs a lot of Sparklium to refuel his ship, the trusty S.S. Dolphin 2. That means it’s time to get out and look around! But be careful...not everything on the planet is friendly.

Unlock Secret Spots or call more Pikmin

When you tap in compatible amiibo™ figures, you can open up Secret Spots on your map. These spots give you a puzzle to solve—and the chance to earn a bunch of Sparklium.